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發表日期 : 2019-10-25

雖然咖啡產區相片很漂亮,很好玩,可是,為了找到最好的那一杯,往往要搭8個多小時,杯測幾百杯咖啡後,就為了選出獨一無二最好的那個批次,好咖啡一定不多,一定手摘也只摘最恰當成熟的果實,這往往只有幾袋個位數,全世界咖啡狂人很多,但是,像Saza team這樣為了尋找全世界各地最好的藝伎,真的是獨一無二的團隊,他們總是很善良可以分一點點給我,因為,他們知道,我也是藝伎狂人,為了擁有全世界最好的咖啡,再遠再辛苦的路,我也要去
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Although the photos in the coffee region are very beautiful and very fun, in order to find the best one, it usually takes more than 8 hours on road trip. Just to find the best coffee after cupping of a few hundred cups of coffee. It needs not to be a lot, hand picking coffee too only picks the most mature cherry, which is often only a few bags of them. There are many coffee mad people around the world, but like the Saza team, in order to find the best geisha in the world, it is really a unique team, they are always very kind and are willing to share with me, because they know that I am also a geisha madman, in order to have the best coffee in the world, although it is a long way, I still have to go.
# Serious man is the most handsome man
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